DRAMA, DESPAIR, ANXIETY, IDEALISM… shorts. Where: Walking Fish Theater (55 Seats) ($10) 2509 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19125 | 215-427-9255. #uff #fishtown (Special Event)

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  • Ticket Price: $10.00
  • Show Type: Festival
  • Restrictions: Special Event
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DRAMA, DESPAIR, ANXIETY, IDEALISM… shorts.    #phlfilm #indiefilmlab
Walking Fish Theater (55 Seats) ($10) 2509 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19125 | 215-427-9255.

•The Run. . ~ North American Premier ~ (Drama). Director: Stefan Najib. (Germany). 25min. Martin is a teacher at a local high school. He thinks of himself as a good educator, but his own son begins to rebel against him.
• Circle. ~ North American Premier ~ Director: Alexander Heringer. (Drama/Fantasy) (Germany). 12min. A young woman in despair, who after experiencing a tragic loss escapes into the seemingly perfect past.
• Hungry. ~ PA Premier ~ (Drama). Directors: Jillie Simon and Thomas Simon - (NYC, USA). 23min. An idealistic grade school teacher, has a fear of speaking up in public. But when she finds out that children in her school are going hungry – thanks to federal cutbacks in the school lunch programs – it compels her to do things she wouldn’t have thought she could do.
• Cold War Christmas. ~ PA Premier ~ (Experimental/Drama). Director: Emma Penaz Eisner (San Francisco, CA USA). 5:05min. Made using analogue and digital equipment with Super 8 film from 1971, this non-fiction experimental work is an immersive collage of image, sound, and silence that evokes the defector's experience of displacement during the Cold War era.
• Desolation. ~ PA Premier ~ (Drama/Suspense). Director Matt Spade. (LOCAL). 9:00min. Director: In attendance. A young woman finds herself alone in the world. She ventures into an empty city in search of her boyfriend, hoping to find him or an answer to where everyone else has gone.
• Darling. ~ North American Premier ~ (Drama). Director: Sebastion Schmidl. (Austria). 40min. Tamara’s decision to separate from her life partner threatens the quality of life of the people around her. Isolated from the outside world, they spend a last emotion-ridden weekend together.